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Koh Lanta isn't a difficult place to orientate yourself in. With a north-to-south road running down its west coast there's a lot of natural beauty to appreciate.

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Koh Lanta Travel Guide

  • Koh Lanta Hotels

    Koh Lanta Hotels A-Z

    Koh Lanta's west coast offers stunning white sand beaches and clear water. Lately, development has increased the range Read More»

  • Koh Lanta Beaches

    Koh Lanta Beaches

    The west coast of Koh Lanta is one long empty beachfront that really gives you the feeling of being isolated from Read More»

  • Islands Nearby Koh Lanta

    Islands Nearby Koh Lanta

    South of Koh Lanta, close to the coast of Trang Province are a number of smaller islands with great beaches, coral reefs Read More»

  • Koh Lanta Restaurants & Nightlife

    Lanta Dining & Nightlife A-Z

    Local Thai restaurants (good value) have now been joined by pizzerias, bistros and specialty seafood restaurants in the Read More»

  • Koh Lanta Activities

    Koh Lanta Activities A-Z

    Activities and services have also expanded over the last few years, with trekking, diving, kayaking, elephant trekking Read More»

  • Koh Lanta Information

    Koh Lanta Information

    Koh Lanta Yai's unique cultural ambiance derives from the resident ethnic groups - a mosaic of Muslim, Chinese and Sea Read More»


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